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ARTIST Direct Network

ARTIST Direct Network
ARTISTdirect, Inc.
Osprey Systems, Inc.

This company in Los Angeles had the inside connection with all the artists and bands, so I helped build them an e-commerce solution to sell music CD's, t-shirts, and anything else a band could put their brand on. Rock on!

Project Highlights

  • Developed and enhanced a template driven e-commerce site that functioned off one code base template while presenting the user interface around each band's design.
  • Site was developed in ASP using Pandesic COM objects to integrate with a SAP R/3 database.
  • Created a workflow and technical plan for integrating the Pandesic user account with Vignette's Story Server for a single login between the two systems.
  • Provided technical consulting for development ideas as well as developed on-site to maintain the client-customer relationship.
  • Pandesic LLC, launched in 1997, was a joint venture of microchip king Intel and German software giant SAP. Their e-business solution addressed all aspects of Internet transactions, from marketing to order fulfillment to inventory management, payment processing, taxes, shipping and handling, and more.

Technologies & Skills Used

  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • VBScript
  • Pandesic E-Commerce Solution
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS2
  • SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft Visual InterDev


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    Home page

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