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Envision™ 1.0

Envision™ 1.0
New Home Technologies, LLC
Builder Homesite, Inc.

To bring the home building industry into the age of technology, I led a team of developers to build an API that would finally integrate data from the home builders and product manufacturers.

Project Highlights

  • I was responsible for leading a team of four on-site developers, and working with a team of six offshore developers, to design and implement Envision™, a large suite of .NET applications. Envision™ is a fully integrated options management solution for the entire building industry and includes specific applications for manufacturers, builders, design centers and consumers.
  • The Envision™ suite is a C#.NET, object-oriented solution consisting of four web applications, four web services, K2.NET workflow services, integrated content management, and Windows Services that provide real time image processing, MSMQ email processing, and on-demand communications back to the builder's billing systems.
  • The data access layer (DAL) was jointly designed and implemented around Strongly Typed DataSets that provide strongly typed methods, events, and properties. The individual DAL classes contained the single object that inherited from DataRow, a list object that inherited from DataTable, and the object's factory class that inherited from a base class to provide all the data access logic for connecting to the appropriate SQL database as well as filling and updating the objects using the SqlDataAdapter.
  • The business logic layer (BLL) was jointly designed and implemented around an Interface Polymorphism technique where each object independently implemented a set of common interfaces and its own object specific interfaces. Common interfaces included Save(), Update(), Delete(), data auditing properties, and object level permission validation, while the object specific interfaces limited the UI visibility of data from the inherited Typed DataSet.

Technologies & Skills Used

  • .NET Framework 1.0, 1.1
  • C#
  • XML
  • ASP.NET Web Services
  • SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft Message Queuing Services
  • K2.net Enterprise Workflow
  • Ektron CMS400.NET
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • NUnit Testing Framework